Constitutive Modeling

If you spend time or money on computer simulations make sure you can trust the results! When making simulations with the Finite Element (FE) method the largest source of errors is usually an inaccurate description of the material. For many applications material models found in commercial FE software are not accurate or stable enough. Therefore, A-Dev put much efforts into develop new accurate material descriptions and A-Dev always strive to be in the frontline of this area.

Constitutive equations are relations between two physical quantities. The most common for A-Dev to work with is the relation between the strain and the stress in a material, giving the mechanical behavior of the material. But constitutive equations can describe a variety of different behaviors such as heat flow or liquid flow in a porous media.

The models A-Dev develops is commonly implemented in in-house developed FE-software and in the commercial available FE software ABAQUS. For an example of a set of material models, cf. PaperFEM, or contact A-Dev.